Weekend’s, are like never before…😌

Tick… Tick… Tick
Bashing the alarm clock and closing my eyes again, thinking to wake up again after 5 min…🤭🤭
This was a basic routine of every Sunday morning before the Lockdown.
A full on Saturday night, bundled with waking up late and no worries of going to work, a ‘PURE BLISS’😇
Saturday nights, were like:
Bang Bang!! For the party freaks🥳🥳,
Bassheads!! Headbanging and feeling the calm in front of the speakers🤩🤩,
A party at Pub!! Literally cracking our bones while dancing yourself out😎😎,
Round of Shots! Shots! Shots! For the great CHUGGERS🍻🍻,
Making rings from the smoke of the Shisha! Satisfaction for the distressed soul🌬️🌬️
Saturday was the best.. Grabbing a tower of beer with a horde of friends, dancing like a gully boy, impressing Girls with our moves, watching the Blacked out people doing weird stuff, tables filled with chitchatters and crazy people dancing on the tables.🤟🤟
Woah! That’s what a perfect Saturday was.
A GREAT SATURDAY WAS LITERALLY LIKE THIS with a huge bunch of Bro’s and their sisters😉😉

That’s how a hangover scene looks like 😆😆

Lazy day ahead…
Grabbing the will power to get up and gobble up the brunch while chilling with some booze and Bae.🍴
Some shopaholic soul would prefer going out in the evening and having a relaxing stroll.🛍️
Some would prefer to relieve the stress at a Spa while cozying up oneself.💆🏻
A great trip for family bonding.🥳
A visit to amusement park to pamper the little ones🤩
SUNDAY! The relaxing day. The soothing calmness for the tired and distressed body. A day for creating the bonding and reduce the pressure. An opportunity to open oneself and explore the neverending possibilities. All packed to give energy for the week ahead.
Those were the weekends we had. Those were the weekends we wanted.
Those were the weekends we lived for.

The little pampering 😌

A tribute to our beloved “WEEKENDS
which are now lost in the times of lockdown, and everyday now, seems to be a “Gloomy Sunday“. A gloomy long weekend which is somewhere lost in the strides of Corona.
For a couch lover this seems to be a blessing, but somewhere deep in my heart, I am starving for the lipsmacking “STREET FOOD“😋
I’d rather prepare a snack now or else my stomach will start cursing my thoughts away.
More on the couch stories coming your way. Stay tuned

P.S. The below is the reflection of my lockdown party friends

My lockdown tropical drink partner 😆😆

High thoughts 🍻 High expectations😎 High speeches🗯️

Gulping down every sip, hearing the noise of every gulp, I finished the bottle of beer 🍻
Sharing the bottle with my Mom stealthily while cooking Maggie, I thought, “How cool my mom is, isn’t it?”
Chopping some coriander as garnishing, while chugging a bottle of beer with Mom, amidst Lockdown is a thought which many would not be able to perceive. 🍜
Getting high after almost two months. Alas!! I am high and am not able to judge what I am doing 🤭🤭 Strange but true, Me and my mom drank the whole bottle within a span of cooking Maggie 🤣🤣

The bottles I would finish

Sigh!!! What a relief, and at last it’s 8 P.M. our honorable P.M. Modiji is going to deliver a speech regarding further actions.
The speech started and……
Where’s the announcement for lockdown
Why is it taking so long
Why is it so lengthy….
Am I high or is it the speech which is too high😅😅
Chewing.. Slurping… Gulping… My Maggie Heavily and while whole India is waiting for lockdown announcement, He announced a relief package of around twenty lakh crore…🤑
Wait a minute… What?? Twenty lakh crore… How many zero’s might that have?? 🧐
A big suspense which literally, suspended my High factor of beer. Diverted with the thoughts of the spoken amount a question arose ” Us hisab se mere account me kitna ayega??”😆😆
Modiji made the announcement with a great vision and devoted the whole amount for the harshly affected population of India. A visionary would do this. A true visionary!! 👌🏻

Pesa hi pesa hoga babu bhaiya🤭😆

Amidst these tough times, it is only our P.M. who is basically motivating Every Indian, whether directly or indirectly, be it by cheering up for our Corona warriors or by thinking of lightning the darkness. He is the one who is leading us in our toughest of times. World greatest example of faithfulness and may be the faith of humanity is dependent on him🤓
For me the announcement was like watching a great match where our PM hit a great sixer where I was chilling with my Booze 🍻 my Mom, and Maggie to fill up my tummy🍜. It was nonetheless a great Match overall which would surely make India win over the Covid19 war.
Hail Modi!!
Toing!! Washing powder Nirma, washing powder Nirma….🌈
Wait what happened
The speech was successfully addressed and finished😁
Now I have to grab another set of beer😆🍻
What a heavy feeling to get up from the lovely couch… Arrrghhh😡
More on the couch Stories coming your way. Stay tuned

P.S. The below image depicts the crazy part of being high😉😉

The happiness from the Modiji speech

Mother… An epitome abode of love👵🏻❤️

Mom!!! Where’s the remote📺
Mom!!! Can you pass me the bottle of water 🍶
Mom!!! Please Make a snack for me 🍔🍟😋
Mom!😒 This…
Momm!!😩 That…
MOMMM!!!😣 Ugghhhh
Uggghhhh!! So much work, so many tantrum, So much of pressure, for what? For whom? For…???
So many things and only one soul to do all these chores. Is it fair???
A deep question arose in my mind and asked myself, ” Am I worthy enough??”🤔💭
Mom“, listening to this word comes to our mind, an embodiment of a charismatic and energetic persona. A person which is made up step by step , by sacrifices, by care, by values and By the Ability to fill up our empty stomachs 😜😋🥰
She’s a blessing 🙏 which God provided us to fulfill the tantrums, to nurture the everlost soul, to pamper, to care in exchange of nothing BIGG but just an ability to respect and honor. 😊
She’s the one who is ready to listen to every Shit you say, but won’t ever disgrace you with a NO. An ability to tolerate, patience at a next level , Ohh!! Talking of patience, You will receive a Flying Chappal at a speed of 130 kmph if her patience level is crossed. 😅🤣 Tease her in the Kitchen and a rolling Pin will be sufficient to suffice the patience 😏 Tease her while she’s folding clothes and a splat from hanger will be there waiting for you 🖐🏻

Imagine yourself in the Squeeze from rolling pin 😁🤭

Pulling her cheeks is the best way to make up a boring day even better. 😊 A hug to forget the worries and a pep talk to get the guidance of life.
What defines a person. Name it, She will be the one to do by hand.
Nevertheless, She is the one who deserves all the merits on Earth. Wait a minute!!! EARTH, The mother of all Mother’s, the Mother Nature. What are we doing to pay our homage to THE MOTHER EARTH?🌏
I think our mother Earth is green enough. But the way we are treating it, is basically not the same as to how we treat our mothers. We are literally trying out the patience level of Mother Earth. The damages we are posing today will result in a rotting future. Though every mother is a softhearted, but trying out patience and showing irresponsible attitude will definitely pose a Danger. ☠️

MOTHER, The person who gives birth, the person responsible for who we are and the person to nurture, deserves nothing but only respect! Respect! And RESPECT.

The kiss.. Elements being the Earth, The mother and child

A very small thing demanded but very hard to fulfill

A thought dedicated to pay homage to Every mother out there including Mother Earth. We love you Mom. 👵🏻❤️
What was that???🤔
My mom poked me with a bottle, for what??
She wants me to fill up the empty bottles.
I left the couch with a smile and pulling her cheeks 😇❤️
More on the couch stories coming your way, Stay tuned

P.S. the image below shows my urge for the food 😉 in exchange of wishing HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

Gimme the food🤭 and take my wishes “Happy mother’s day”

Sugar, Spice and Everything nice 🧁🥳😎

All are the necessary ingredients to define a perfect girl👧🏻
And that’s how “My girl” is 👸🏻
The Sugar🧂 encompasses the Jolly, Jovial, Smiling (the dimpled one😊) enthusiastic and happy go nature. A mixed bag of emotions which can bring a BIG smile on certainly any face which is certainly sufficient to hypnotize me just by seeing her face.

The sweet stuff 😍

The Spice..🌶️ Uhhh… The raunchy, the sassy, The Anger, the Possessiveness and The I DONT WANT TO LISTEN TO ANYTHING Attitude. It’s nothing but the reflection that she cares for you, while the Anger within her urges that YOU should also do the same for me. Not only because she is possessive, but also She wants me to take care of her and be responsible towards her. She wants the relationship to be Spicy 🌶️ romantic, a desire with a lust and be attached to her, but she never says that.

The spiced up life 🌶️🔥

Everything Nice🤩 Well.. she is everything to me.. The WINNER OF MY HEART..😍 She is caring, The Guide, A generous and loyal Soul, The Funny private Stand-up comedian, softhearted, the words are literally kind of short to describe her.
What a Girl I Have!!!🥰
I am so lucky and proud to be liked by such a girl😇
Literally, in what dreams I would have thought to be blessed by such a girl and maintain a relationship so long.☺️
How I feel about her?? The feeling is priceless. 😇 She makes my world complete. She has taught me how to live a life with a broad mindset and what the world is. She has the creativity to tackle the whole world for ME.
Am I deserving enough? A person is never perfect, trying to be deserving is the key and trying to be better day by day is the cycle of life.
Not that much expressive but trying to reflect my emotions by any medium.
The sacrifices she has made for me are speechless.

The rainbow has everything nice 🌈

OUCH!! something pricked me harshly!!!
Is that a coir string coming right away from the couch? Is that the jealousy that is springing right from the Couch??🛋️
Oh My My, You jealous piece of furniture, you won’t be that lucky to be blessed with such a beautiful Girl with such a Great Soul☺️ 💗
The Couch is pretty jealous now😉😉 Time to get up and have a stroll.

More on the couch stories coming your way…Stay tuned…

P.S. the below picture reflects how we actually are 😜😂

The fun we have😜
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